Breaking down the eligibility of recyclables

Breaking down the eligibility of recyclables

Are you ready to begin your recycling journey but not sure which containers are eligible for a refund?

The purpose of the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme  

The Victorian Container Deposit Scheme was created as an initiative to build a more robust circular economy and is part of the Victorian Government’s $515 million investment to transform the state’s waste and recycling sector.   

Victorians use more than 3 billion drink containers every year. Sadly, many are not recycled, ending up in landfill and as litter in local communities across our state.  

CDS Vic will target beverage containers that most commonly contribute to litter and are often consumed away from home. This includes soft plastic drink bottles, glass beer bottles, soft drinks and alcohol sold in cans, and small fruit juice cartons.  

Every eligible drink container returned contributes to our circular economy. By participating, Victorians are:  

Creating clean streams of recycling  

Reducing litter  

Earning change for themselves, their communities, and charities  

Eligible containers  

Refunds are currently eligible on drink containers most commonly found as litter in our streets, beaches, waterways and parks across Victoria!  

Most aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers between 150mL and 3 litres are eligible.   

A Few handy tips:  

Make sure your containers aren’t crushed! The barcode needs to be visible to be eligible.  

Check for the 10c mark on the drink container label (often located near the barcode!)  

You can keep the lids on – we recycle them too!  

Containers that aren’t eligible  

Containers that aren’t currently eligible to be recycled as part of the Container Deposit Scheme include:  

Plain milk containers of all sizes, including plant-based milk substitutes.  

Concentrated or undiluted cordial or syrup containers.  

Wine or pure spirits bottles made of glass, including single-serve formats.  

Sachets (soft plastic or foil) above 250mL that contained wine.  

Containers 1 litre or greater containing flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice, cask wine or water.  

Registered health tonics, including small probiotic shots less than 150mL.  

No container under 150ml can be redeemed.  

Visit the North Geelong Recyle4Change Depot with your eligible containers.  

So not only will you get 10c back on every eligible container, but you’ll also help create a cleaner stream of material for recycling and keep containers out of landfills and off our local streets!    

The friendly team at our North Geelong Depot can help you with the eligibility of your containers before processing them with one of our speedy machines.   

R4C commences operations on Wednesday, 1 November, at 116 Furner Ave, Bell Park (North Geelong) and will be open during the following hours:  

Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 4:00pm  

Sat: 9:00am – 4:00pm  

For more information, visit:  or follow us on Instagram @recycle4changeau  

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