Recycling your containers

How it works

on site

How it works - on site

Upon arrival on site, you shall be directed to a car parking space to unload your containers. Trolleys are provided for your convenience. Simply take your containers to one of our sorting tables, place them on the table and an operator will give you a paper receipt. Hold on to this receipt.


The operator will then process your containers. When processing, the containers are scanned and sorted by our super-fast machines. This will provide a 100% accurate count of your eligible and illegible containers.


Once the operator has processed your containers simply insert your receipt in our ATM machine to receive cash or an EFT payment to your account.


Should you choose, you can also donate your containers to a chosen charity.


This is the fastest way to earn payment for your containers.


  1. You can only place empty containers on our sorting table. Every object which does not attract a 10c refund is considered contamination and will be subject to a $2 fine which shall be deducted from you refund.
  2. You must take all rubbish with you (this is also considered contamination), this includes any bags or cardboard boxes you brought the containers in. Failure to take your rubbish will result in a $5 fine for every item left behind.
Some of the Supporting Corporations who help us make a difference.
Commercial Collections

How it works – Commercial collections

Are you an office, a pub or club, a sporting club, a school? Do you have to throw large volumes of drinking containers away? If so, why pay someone to take your empty containers away, when you can earn money by recycling them with us?


Earn money from them, don’t pay money to have them taken away.


Your empty drinking containers are now a revenue stream, a fundraising opportunity, or you can donate them to a favoured charity.


Some organisations have started using their refund monies saved over the year to pay for their lavish staff Christmas party.


Some organisations choose to donate their containers to charities – see donations.


Call our Sales team to discuss how we can make you more money on 1300-329-472 or email

Residential Collections

How it works – Residential collections (Coming 2024/25)

If your household is like mine, then you throw away almost 2,000 drinking containers each year. Why not receive 10c for each of those containers? It’s the easiest passive income.


Call our Sales team to discuss how we can pay you money for your empty containers.


Call 1300-329-472 or email


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