Transforming Lives and Our Planet



We Create Chances

We are disruptive to bias, we remove stigma.
Recycle4Change (R4C) is a certified Not for Profit Social Enterprise where we create chances through employment for those impacted by the justice system.

As a certified Social Enterprise and registered Charity, R4C is dedicated to reshaping the way we view recycling. We proudly operate the Victorian State Government’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), spanning from Geelong to Laverton North in Melbourne’s west, putting us at the forefront of environmental sustainability and community empowerment.

Our core mission is to provide employment and support to individuals with justice system experience, reducing reoffending and creating a safer society through their successful reintegration into the community.

Together, we can forge a world where sustainability, community, and social purpose unite to create a profound impact—one container at a time. Join us in this extraordinary journey of purpose and passion.

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What Makes Us Different?

We are disruptive to bias, we remove stigma.
We do not judge, we lead by example through lived experience, creating an accepting environment.
  • We are a values-driven business with a positive social purpose.  
  • We effectively prevent people from reoffending.  
  • We are a team of people who look after each other.
  • We give everyone the opportunity to belong. ​
  • We enjoy ourselves.
  • Our whole team lead by example.
  • We reunite people with their kids, their families, and their partners, creating a positive ripple through society.
Some of the Supporting Corporations who help us make a difference.