How you can support the community


Creating Chances

How can R4C help you with your fundraising drive?

If you are an organisation who needs to fundraise, then we can help provide you with another income stream. This income does not require selling products or services, signing a contract, or even paying tax.


An innovative way for charities, clubs, schools, and community groups to fundraise while protecting our environment and our oceans through recycling.


Whether you’re a school, sporting club, hospital, religious organisation or any type of reliant upon additional funding we can help.

Ways to fundraise:

1. House a Bin
House one of our 240l bins and encourage your community to deposit their empty drinking containers there. When its full simply let us know and we will pick it up and process the containers for you. Each full 240l bin usually holds ~320 containers, that’s worth $32 to your organisation.
Payments are made via bank transfer within 10 business days

2. Bottle and Can Drive
Discarded drinking containers represent half of Australia’s litter and pollution. The environment benefits when your community run a clean-up drive, and so do you. Simply deliver the empty containers to one of our super-fast sorting facilities to redeem your containers and collect your cash or EFT immediately.


Each full 240l bin usually holds ~320 containers, that’s worth $32 to your organisation.

Call our Sales team to discuss how we can pay you money for your empty containers.
Call 1300 329 742 or email

We can also record how many containers you’ve collected and what your social impact has been in reduced C02, as well as how much water and energy you’ve saved. This information is great for your annual report.

Remember all payments are refunds, not Revenue, as such tax is not applicable.

You can raise funds for your cause while helping the environment, encourage the community to recycle, and help the transition to a circular economy.

Help your community


Some organisations and individuals choose to donate their empty drinking containers. There are several ways to donate:


  1. Community donation
    Manage your recycling whilst donating to our registered charity and certified social enterprise.
    Benefits include:
    1. We collect your containers.
    2. We provide an annual report certifying your Corporate Social Responsibility impact (social and environmental impacts).

  2. Charitable donation
    Donate to a charity of your choice (if available).
    Please note this option may attract a handling fee.


  1. Charitable donation + DGR Tax Receipt
    Donate your containers to our charity and receive a DGR (Deductible Gift Receipt) for 100% of their value. You can then use this receipt to claim against your income tax.
    Donate your cash refund to Recycle4Change and help rebuild lives
    When it comes to financial donations, every little bit really does count. So, if you are able to donate some, or all of your refund back to us, we want you to know that you are doing something truly special, and that your recycling donation helps us rebuild lives every day.
    To receive a DGR the donation value must be greater than $2-.
  2. Charitable donation
    You can also choose from several other charities when delivering them to one of our Automated Depot.
    These charities are subject to change.
Some of the Supporting Corporations who help us make a difference.