Environmental impact

Impact calculator

How Many Containers Have You Recycled?

Water Savings

You’ve saved litres of water! Woo! That is equivalent to taking a shower for minutes.

Energy Savings

You’ve saved megajoules of energy! Great scott! Or of watching TV.

Landfill Savings

By recycling your containers, you’ve saved kilograms of material from going to landfill.

Carbon Emissions Avoided

Your recycling has helped avoid kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

That’s the same amount as a car would emit by driving for kilometers.

You’re Having an Impact

Water Savings litres.

Energy Savings megajoules.

Landfill Savings kgs.

Carbon Emissions Avoided kgs.

Impact calculations are an estimate only and based on the NSW Return and Earn Impact Calculator. This calculator uses the findings of a lifecycle analysis (LCA) of drink containers returned at Return and Earn return points across NSW.
The LCA was conducted by Grant, T., and Berenyi T, (2021), Lifecycles Australia, with the final report provided on 11 October, 2021.