Boost your EOFY donations with Recycle4Change 

EOFY donation

Boost your EOFY donations with Recycle4Change 

End of financial year (EOFY) is the ideal time to boost your tax deductions while helping your local community with charitable donations. Supporting recycle depots is an excellent way to help environmental conservation while making the most of your money at tax-time.  

Why donate to Recycle4Change? 

Recycle4Change is an award-winning certified social enterprise and registered charity. We create opportunities for people who have been impacted by the justice system, by providing meaningful employment and wraparound support to help them rebuild their lives. In addition to helping our local community through employment support, Recycle4Change depots are also working towards a more sustainable future by reducing landfill.  

Where does my donation to Recycle4Change go? 

No matter how big or small, your EOFY donation to Recycle4Change will have a meaningful impact on the individuals in our employment and training programs. 

A fresh start 

As little as $30 can help to provide a travel card or fuel voucher to a Recycle4Change team member. This can be extremely helpful for enabling new recruits to get to work while they wait for their first Recycle4Change pay. 


EOFY donations between $50-$100 can help to equip Recycle4Change team members with important workwear such as steel capped boots and high-vis clothing. This support helps new individuals to feel like part of the team, while ensuring their safety on the job. 

Career support & skills 

If your donation to Recycle4Change is $200, you will be providing a Recycle4Change team member with resume mentoring and assistance. This will help individual’s get started on their next step, no matter what their dream job may be. $500 donations can provide an individual with new skills and certifications such as forklift driver training.  

Complete sponsorship 

If you’re feeling extra generous this EOFY, a once-off $2000 donation to Recycle4Change completely supports a returning citizen’s Transition2Change journey, including dedicated support from our forensic psychologist. 

Make an EOFY donation to Recycle4Change to change a life. 

Make a donation to Recycle4Change today and make the most of your end-of-financial-year donations. To find out more, give us a call on ☎️ 1300 329 742 or email