Recycle4Change shines at Pako Festa, Geelong!

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Recycle4Change shines at Pako Festa, Geelong!


Recycle4Change (R4C) has made a significant impact on the local Geelong community while attending the Pako Festa on Saturday, 24th February. This event helped the team highlight their commitment to promoting sustainable practices and drink container recycling solutions in conjunction with the Victoria Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).  As a social enterprise, the communities’ contribution to recycling aids in creating more employment opportunities at R4C for those impacted by the justice system.

R4C set up two marquees at the event, focusing on raising awareness of the Bell Park depot, educating the public about what containers are eligible for a 10-cent refund, and gauging interest in their upcoming residential bin collection service.

R4C joined forces with the Pako Festa committee to distribute 60 bins across the festival strip to capture eligible containers, create brand awareness and assist in minimising glass and plastic waste within the local community.

The festival attracted a crowd in the thousands from a diverse background, with a multicultural parade as its centre piece, surrounded by interactive marquees. R4C representatives engaged with people from diverse backgrounds and emphasised the significance of recycling in preserving the environment for future generations.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Pako Festa and participate in the amazing festival, raising awareness of R4C’s Bell Park depot’s services,” said Stuart Borg, General Manager at R4C. “Our goal is to encourage the community to bring their empty eligible drinking containers down to our depot to receive a 10-cent cash refund per item. We also offer a residential bin collection service throughout Geelong and surrounding suburbs, to make it easier for individuals, families, and community groups to receive their refunds with minimal effort on their part.”

For further information about R4C and how to register your interest in their residential bin collection service, head to

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