Why visiting the R4C Recycling Depot is (almost) always better 

Why visiting the R4C Recycling Depot is (almost) always better 

If you’ve got a can or a bottle or five, the Victorian Government’s Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are pretty great. Indeed, they are an incredible part of the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic), helping to transform Victoria’s waste and recycling system. 

But what happens when you’ve got a huge bag of eligible recyclables? And there are three people ahead of you in the RVM queue? Or you’re a charity or commercial entity needing to offload bins full of cans and bottles? This is when you can turn to the Recycle4Change recycling depots. 

1. Recycling made easy 

With our helpful staff (on-site seven days a week) and first-class sorting machinery, recycling your bottles and cans with Recycle4Change is a breeze. There is plenty of parking available – even for those coming with a trailer-load of recyclables – and trolleys are provided for your convenience. And once your bottles and cans are up on our sorting tables, processing them is super-fast – giving you a 100% accurate count of your eligible containers in next to no time. 

2. Payment made easy 

Yes! We will give you cash on the spot for your eligible containers. No more lost vouchers that you were meant to take to the supermarket last week! And, because Recycle4Change is a Certified Social Enterprise and Registered Charity, if you would like to make a charitable donation, you can do that too – and receive a DGR receipt for the total amount to claim against your income tax. 

3. Commercial recycling made easy 

For businesses – offices, sporting clubs, pubs, schools – you can not only recycle large volumes of drinking containers with us but create a revenue stream (or fundraising opportunity) at the same time. R4C can provide recycling bins for commercial clients, with options for drop off or pick up, and even provide sustainability reports based on items returned for recycling. 

Contact your Geelong CDS Champions Today 

As a proud subsidiary of the Chance Creators Group, R4C see recycling via the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme as a way to benefit Planet and People. With a social purpose that extends its benefits into the community, recycling with R4C is a catalyst for change. To find out more, or to bring your company or organisation on board, don’t hesitate to give us a call on ☎️ 1300 329 742 or email enquiries@recycle4change.com.au